Transport & Mobility
E3 cycle route Chard Road modal filter


Exeter cycling & walking strategy five years late and counting

County council soft-pedalling on infrastructure plan which city council says will not form part of new Exeter Local Plan despite Department for Transport guidance.

Stagecoach app showing Exeter bus service delays and cancellations


Bus back better? Exeter services expected to remain unfit for purpose without needed changes

Government underfunding and bus sector challenges limit scope for improvement but county council failure to upgrade routes and policy ambitions plus high housing costs make Exeter difficulties acute, undermining net zero aspirations.

Church Road traffic congestions


Alphington "enhancements" will not mitigate traffic impact from massive South West Exeter extension

County council manipulates public consultation and allocates just 1% of £55 million grant to pedestrian scheme while spending 75% on new roads and increased road capacity for 3,500 new cars expected on greenfield housing estate.

Planning & Place
Exeter City Futures Exeter Development Fund presentation slide


Exeter Development Fund: rent extraction, unaffordable housing and gentrification, but not net zero

Exeter City Futures' private debt-driven Liveable Exeter property development financing scheme is under fire from councillors who say it is based on insufficiently-evidenced assumptions and won't meet Exeter's housing needs.

Liveable Exeter community engagement with council development director Ian Collinson


Property development promotion as community planning participation

If the Liveable Exeter property development scheme and its Exeter Development Fund financing vehicle are already intended to "anchor and underpin" the new Exeter Local Plan, what will public consultation on the plan decide?

Exeter Article 4 Direction area July 2011 map


St. James HMO conversion refusal overturned at appeal

Council failed to provide sufficient evidence to support 2012 planning policy introduced to limit impact of student occupation of residential housing stock.

Arts & Culture
  • SATURDAY 30 JULY 2022

    Phonic Fest 2022

    Exeter Phoenix is hosting a day of live music from local artists plus DJs to raise money for Phonic FM, Exeter's community radio station.


  • SUNDAY 5 JUNE 2022

    The Big Spork! Poetry Picnic

    Spork! is holding an interactive family-friendly indoor poetry and music workshop on picnic blankets.


  • TUESDAY 24 MAY 2022

    The Shadow: a Devon for Ukraine fundraiser

    Soviet playwright Evgengy Schwartz' poetic and philosophical retelling of a Hans Christian Anderson tale is a subversive fable about choices we make for social and political gain and for love.


  • Climate & Environment
    Exeter City Futures website - vision & mission summary


    University emissions study confirms Net Zero Exeter plan redundancy

    Council retains Exeter City Futures' services despite history of delivery failures and lack of capacity to support defined decarbonisation targets.

    Rob Hannaford and Karime Hassan at Exeter City Council's June 2022 strategic scrutiny committee meeting


    Net Zero Exeter accountability under scrutiny

    Exeter City Council's response to the climate crisis has so far been characterised by numerous failings. Unfortunately its attitude towards accountability for its actions in this area is also cause for concern.

    Greenhouse gas protocol for cities - sources and boundaries of city greenhouse gas emissions (scale)


    Exeter greenhouse gas report disregards hundreds of thousands of tonnes of annual city emissions

    Restricted scope of study misrepresents scale of city's impact to produce partial decarbonisation targets while ignoring opportunities to reduce emissions imported by residents, businesses and visitors, guaranteeing net zero failure.

    Democracy & Governance

    Race in pole position

    Exeter Labour looks set to pick Steve Race as the party’s parliamentary candidate at the next general election after retiring incumbent Ben Bradshaw anointed his former assistant as his heir apparent in what has been a fairly safe Labour seat since the 1997 landslide...



    Bundling boards

    The third in a series of city council scrutiny meetings intended to satisfy councillors that Exeter Development Fund is a way to put Exeter on the map rather than the council’s financial viability at risk took place last week...


  • Exeter City Council 2022 annual meeting 17 May 2022


    Labour councillors appointed to all fourteen city council committee chairs at annual meeting

    Council leader falsely claims "overwhelming majority" voted Labour in Exeter local elections while circumvention of council decision-making scrutiny continues.

    Community & Society
  • SATURDAY 30 JULY 2022

    Sidwella day celebration

    Devon Voice Group is co-hosting a celebration of Exeter's patron saint, the city's heritage and Devonian culture and dialect.


  • SATURDAY 9 JULY 2022

    Kidical Mass returns to Exeter in July

    Kidical Mass Exeter is holding its second family bike ride and picnic as part of an ongoing global campaign for safe cycling routes for children, young people and families.


  • MONDAY 27 JUNE 2022

    PRISM Exeter Pride month queer science celebration

    Devon network champions LGBTQIA+ STEMM contributors and the impact they have had on young people in queer science competition.


  • Economy & Enterprise
    Exeter 2020 net internal migration by age group bar chart


    Exeter beset by unaffordable housing, low graduate retention and economically inactive over 50's

    Exeter City Council executive ignores key challenges flagged in major council-commissioned employment and skills research report.


    How to inflate housing costs and influence people

    Despite Exeter’s rapidly worsening housing crisis, the council has continued its relentless promotion of the city as a destination to potential incomers by commissioning a coterie of Instagram influencers to flog the place to their followers after spending a May weekend here...


  • Shops to let on Exeter High Street


    Do Exeter Labour election campaign claims stand up to scrutiny? Part II: Economy & city centre

    The second in our 2022 local elections series examines Exeter Labour claims about the city centre and Exeter's wider economy, including its misrepresentation of content marketing materials as authoritative sources of information about the city.

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