Notes to accompany Exeter Observer community journalism courses and news writing seminars.

vs. “Pure prose is as rare as pure virtue, and for the same reasons. Metaphors are just more fun.” (Richard Lanham)

-> prescriptions are where we practice as apprentices, mastery comes later …

Exeter Observer house style

Principal aim is broad consistency across publication (without erasing individual voices).

Summary: active not passive; broadsheet not tabloid; accurate, clear and concise without ornament or rhetoric.

Spelling and grammar rules apply. Any journalist who cannot use a dictionary or grasp basic grammatical rules will not be taken seriously by serious readers.

Exeter Observer uses the current edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English (not the Oxford English Dictionary) as a reference.

Specific guidance (derived from editorial team preferences):

In the absence of specific guidance, please refer to The Guardian & Observer style guide.



Recent stories
Great Western Hotel beside Exeter St David's railway station

Analysis  ⁄  Community & society

Exeter rough sleepers in COVID-19 emergency accommodation face uncertain future

Exeter City Council has yet to confirm whether it will use any of the £2.15m Rough Sleeping Initiative funding it has received since 2018 to keep housing rough sleepers when government emergency accommodation funding runs out.

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Exeter City Futures Net Zero Exeter 2030 plan

News  ⁄  Climate & environment

Exeter City Council accepts climate emergency plan to make city carbon neutral by 2030

Chief Executive warns that resourcing the plan is "problematic" given COVID-19 financial challenges and that lack of resources limits the council's capacity for immediate practical action.

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Cyclists, pedestrians and cars compete for space on Union Road, Exeter, 1 June 2020

News  ⁄  Transport & mobility

Devon County Council fails to deliver promised COVID-19 cycling and walking infrastructure

Deadline for action on social distancing for safe travel set by county cabinet member passes despite Devon receiving £1.7 million share of government emergency fund.

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Department for Transport New Road Layout for Social Distancing coronavirus road sign

Analysis  ⁄  Transport & mobility

Coronavirus exposes council failure to deliver Exeter transport plans

Devon County Council's failure to deliver overdue Exeter transport strategy and cycling and walking plan has led to an inadequate response to government demands for emergency coronavirus road layout changes.

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Exeter Cathedral and Quay car park top deck

News  ⁄  Transport & mobility

Coronavirus halts decision to spend £3.9 million on car park repairs and upgrade

Exeter City Council spending plans will be revisited in June at same time as Net Zero Exeter carbon reduction plan is discussed by Executive.

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