Key topic workshops

Exeter Observer provides free key topic workshops which cover specific local, subregional and regional public interest issues in depth to help contributors better understand policy and practice in and around Exeter.

Workshops covering practical journalism skills such as making requests under freedom of information legislation are also planned.

These are in addition to the community journalism courses and news writing seminars that Exeter Observer offers to help potential contributors learn skills and gain confidence.

Workshops are presented in three hour small group sessions and are supported by resources which include notes, references and documents such as relevant local strategies and policies.

Attendance at the workshops is normally restricted to Exeter Observer contributors. If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch to request a place, including a few details about yourself and why you want to come along.

Key topic workshop notes

Journalism skills workshop notes

Recent stories
Department for Transport New Road Layout for Social Distancing coronavirus road sign

Analysis  ⁄  Transport & mobility

Coronavirus exposes council failure to deliver Exeter transport plans

Devon County Council's failure to deliver overdue Exeter transport strategy and cycling and walking plan has led to an inadequate response to government demands for emergency coronavirus road layout changes.

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Exeter Cathedral and Quay car park top deck

News  ⁄  Transport & mobility

Coronavirus halts decision to spend £3.9 million on car park repairs and upgrade

Exeter City Council spending plans will be revisited in June at same time as Net Zero Exeter carbon reduction plan is discussed by Executive.

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Pulling Road Pinhoe Exeter zero carbon housing development site plan

Analysis  ⁄  Planning & place

Exeter's first "zero carbon" housing development includes 96 car parking spaces for 40 homes

Exeter City Council has approved plans to develop land at Pinhoe with a parking ratio of 2.4 cars per household as part of an "exemplar scheme for future residential development in the city" while accepting that zero carbon construction comes "at a cost to the provision of affordable housing".

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Cranbrook town centre development site empty plots

News  ⁄  Planning & place

Cranbrook town centre community building application submitted

Devon County Council is to develop new town centre facilities including a children's centre with public health nursing provision, youth centre with indoor and outdoor recreational spaces and library with small café.

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Exeter Princesshay deserted under COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown

News  ⁄  Democracy & governance

Exeter City Council announces £1.584m April budget shortfall caused by COVID-19 restrictions

Council revenues have fallen dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic, prompting a £6.357 million capital spending deferment. But financial support from government has so far been limited.

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