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Variations in email clients, webmail applications and word processing software often cause formatting problems when text is exported to other platforms.

Using a single communications platform can mitigate these issues and facilitate production while also increasing privacy and security.


Exeter Observer uses Signal for its communications.

It is open source software, which means its code can be audited by privacy experts to confirm its authenticity, among other things.

It is end-to-end encrypted, available for Android and iOS, and can be used to send and receive messages and files as well as to make secure voice (and video) calls.

There is also a desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux that runs in parallel with a mobile device installation.

A guide to best-practice use is here.


Signal uses phone numbers to verify the identity of correspondents, so both ends must have the other’s number in their contacts for the communication to be trusted.

Exeter Observer’s number is . This number does not receive ordinary mobile network calls or texts.

Before sending a message, please ensure that your number is known to the editorial team. See our contact page for various ways you can get in touch.

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Please submit story drafts and other text via Signal as a text message and NOT as an attached document, Word or otherwise.

All formatting will be removed when you paste text into the Signal edit window, so please ensure that each paragraph is separated by a line break.

Hyperlinks will also be removed: please use Markdown link syntax to retain them. It looks like this:

[Exeter Observer](

This also greatly facilitates production.

You can indicate the position of photos or graphics, or leave notes for the editor using square brackets:

[photo goes here]

[infographic at goes here]

[quote from source TBC after interview]

Any typographic elements such as bold or italic text will be determined during editing.

And no double spaces, please!

If you would like to submit a news brief or feature outline, please simply use line breaks to separate each subhead from the text that follows:


text goes here


text goes here


text goes here



Story drafts will be edited for style, clarity and length, and you may be given feedback including an invitation to further develop the piece.

Submission does not guarantee publication. Editorial priorities, legal considerations and other factors may all contribute to publishing decisions.

Please also take a look at our other contributor guides:

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A surge of activity about action to combat climate change is taking place in Exeter, including the publication of a carbon neutral blueprint pending a "mobilisation summit", but detail and evidence is still missing and community engagement is falling short of debate.

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