Submit photos to Exeter Observer

Articles should be accompanied whenever possible with strong story-related photographic images. They should be in focus, well lit and clearly show a person, group of people or scene that is relevant to the article.

Please submit photographs as attachments via Signal and NOT via dropbox or similar download or file-sharing services. See submit text for more information.

Zip folders

To send more than one image at a time, please compress (zip) a folder containing the images and send the compressed folder as an attachment.

On Mac, select the folder in the Finder or on the Desktop then either click File then Compress in the menu bar, or click the gear icon in the Finder window and select Compress, or CTRL-click the folder then choose Compress from the shortcut menu that appears.

On Windows, select the folder in Windows Explorer then right-click and select “Send to”, then select “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

On both platforms, the compressed folder will appear in the same directory of the original folder with the same name and .zip added to its end. You can then copy or drag it to Signal to send as an attachment.

Format and resolution

Photos should be in jpg, png or tiff format and must be at least 800px x 450px @ 240dpi. Ideally they should be at least 1920px x 1080px @ 350dpi.

Please send original, uncompressed images if possible: editors will crop to the correct aspect ratio and compress the files to appropriate sizes for web and/or print publication.

If you are submitting photographs that you have not taken yourself, you must confirm that the copyright holder has given permission for their use.

Such images must be accompanied by appropriate use permission, license and origin information, such a link to a web page which clearly indicates these usage rights and which will allow Exeter Observer to appropriately credit the copyright holder.

Please see our community journalism course materials on multimedia collateral & copyright and seek further editorial guidance if needed.

Images of children under sixteen can only normally be used with the consent of their parent or guardian. If in doubt, do not submit such images.

Infographics and video

Infographics created using Flourish can be imported into Exeter Observer’s newsroom account and published from there.

You can use a free account to create an infographic then send the URL of your project to import.

You can also share your account URL (e.g. and indicate which project you want to use.

Video can be embedded on the website via the Exeter Observer Vimeo account. Exeter Observer has a policy not to use YouTube.

If you are not the video’s copyright owner, you must confirm that they have given permission for its use in the same way as above.

Please get in touch if you would like further guidance on photos, infographics or video.

Please also take a look at our other contributor guides:

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