Multimedia collateral & copyright

Notes to accompany the Exeter Observer community journalism training course.

Multimedia collateral

Could include photos, infographics, audio or video.

Bare minimum of one image per content element to supply keyframe and card, more required for longer pieces to space text, illustrate points, pace reading process.

Keyframe must illustrate lead to complement text and avoid disrupting convention-based audience expectations.

Royalty-free stock photography (e.g. Unsplash) not used. Why?

Flourish for no-code infographics, or javascript libraries:

Photo composition basics

Please see our contributor guide to submitting photos for guidance on file formats, aspect ratio and resolution.

Photography in public & private space

Exeter Observer website content is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike 4.0 International by default to enable use of similarly-licensed external content.

Any copyright requirements for individual pieces of content can then be specified on a case-by-case basis.


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Recent stories
Exeter Paris Street construction site on which Roman remains were found

Analysis  /  Planning & place

Echoes of Exeter's Roman past reveal risks to city's future vision

The unexpected discovery of Roman remains on Exeter's bus station redevelopment site suggests significant risks may also exist for the adjacent Citypoint regeneration scheme.

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Jubilee Beauty - Exeter Central library chidren's area rocking horse

News  /  Community & society

Exeter library children's horse to keep on rocking!

A crowdfunding appeal has successfully raised £1000 to repair Exeter Central library's popular rocking horse, Jubilee Beauty.

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Exeter net zero carbon housing pilot project in Chestnut Avenue in Wonford

Analysis  /  Planning & place

Exeter net zero housing revolution takes root in Chestnut Avenue

Exeter City Council is taking exploratory steps from talking about a zero carbon future to delivering one with a pilot housing project in Wonford.

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Exeter City Council accounts delayed by auditors Grant Thornton

Feature  /  Democracy & governance

Exeter & East Devon council accounts delayed by Grant Thornton's "lack of staff resources"

Annual accounts for local government, including Exeter City Council, have been delayed by private sector firms failing to complete their work on time after cost-cutting government auditing reforms.

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2019 parliamentary elections - Devon Conservative vote share change bar chart

Analysis  /  Democracy & governance

Conservative vote share varies across Devon but still blocks an Independent MP in East Devon

Labour loses vote share in every constituency, but retains Exeter and Plymouth Sutton & Devonport to leave the county position unchanged from 2017.

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