Community journalism training

Exeter Observer offers free community journalism training courses to help potential contributors gain skills and confidence.

Each course is comprised of six weekly three hour small group sessions which involve tuition, discussion, practical exercises and reviews of coursework and reading assignments.

The course is supported by comprehensive online resources, with textbook and online resource readings and film recommendations each week.

Three written assignments are set during each course which include a news report and a feature article.

Each student also receives two individual mentoring sessions, one after week four and another after week six. These can be used to review assignments in detail, recap course content and discuss ongoing involvement in content production. This could include researching and subediting as well as writing articles for publication.

Additional mentoring sessions are available on request to match course participant needs. The planned print launch will offer additional opportunities for involvement later in the year.

The twenty hour course provides a comprehensive introduction to public interest community journalism in the Exeter context. It covers everything required to enable students to produce publication quality content without any prior experience.

Find out more about joining the course, take a look at the course content or get in touch to express your interest in a place.

Recent stories
East Devon Independent Claire Wright 2019 general election candidate

Feature  /  Strategy & governance

East Devon Independent Claire Wright set to unite Remain voters in close historic two-way contest

Claire Wright is poised to make history by beating the Tories in East Devon next week. If she does it will be without thanks to the LibDems and Greens, who insisted on standing candidates against her despite the preferences of local party members and the Unite to Remain campaign.

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Striking University of Exeter history lecturers Dr Jennifer Farrell and Dr Gemma Clark

News  /  Education & skills

University of Exeter staff strike over pay, pensions and working conditions

The Exeter branch of the University & College Union (UCU) is taking part in a national eight day strike for fair pay and pensions, including equal pay for female and BAME staff, and against casualisation and increasing workloads.

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Country Bus G service to Exeter Quay

Feature  /  Transport & mobility

An integrated public transport service for Devon remains a distant aspiration

A change to Exeter's G bus service operator has revealed the limits of Devon County Council's approach to transport system integration.

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Heart of the South West Local Industrial Strategy branding

News  /  Economy & enterprise

Will a new South West industrial strategy deliver what it promises?

Our business-led Local Enterprise Partnership appears committed to a new approach to driving growth which its CEO describes as "game-changing".

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2019 Devon County Council Heavitree & Whipton Barton by-election Exeter vote share swing bar chart

News  /  Strategy & governance

Exeter Labour support collapses in Heavitree & Whipton Barton county by-election

Greg Sheldon wins Devon County Council division by just 40 votes after Labour loses nearly a fifth of its previous vote share.

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