Corrections & Complaints


Exeter Observer strives to maintain high standards of accuracy in its publishing.

However if you think you have identified something that is not correct or needs clarification please let us know in the first instance by writing to .

When a correction or clarification is needed, we will endeavour to update the website without delay, subject to the availability of editorial staff.

In any case we will aim to respond to all such correspondence within two working days.


Exeter Observer is a member of IMPRESS: The Independent Monitor of the Press and is committed to working within and adhering to the IMPRESS Standards Code (“the Code”).

However, if you consider us to have breached the Code and wish to make a complaint, please write to us at .

What can I complain about?

We can look into complaints about items we have published which are in our control and can only deal with complaints which relate to an alleged breach of the standards set out in the Code.

Who can complain?

We can only deal with your complaint if you are:

How do I complain?

You must include all of the following information for your complaint to be considered:

Your name and email address (please also provide your postal address or telephone number if you wish to be contacted in this way).

If the complaint is about an article it must include:

If the complaint is about the conduct or behaviour of an employee or contributor to Exeter Observer, it must include:

Relevant clauses of the Code are:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Attribution & Plagiarism
  3. Children
  4. Discrimination
  5. Harassment
  6. Justice
  7. Privacy
  8. Sources
  9. Suicide
  10. Transparency

You can download the IMPRESS Standards Code and guidance on the IMPRESS Standards Code or you can view both online.

Complaints process

We will acknowledge your complaint by e-mail or in writing within 7 calendar days and will normally respond to your compliant with a final decision letter within 21 calendar days. If we uphold your complaint, we will tell you the remedial actions we have taken.

If at any stage of a complaint we do not hear back from the complainant within 21 calendar days, we will consider the complaint satisfied and closed.

Complaints are recorded and submitted to IMPRESS for publication in their annual report.

If you are not satisfied with the final response to your complaint, or if you do not hear from us within 21 calendar days of submitting your complaint, then you can refer your complaint to our independent regulator IMPRESS in accordance with its regulatory scheme at the following address:

IMPRESS: The Independent Monitor for the Press CIC, 16-18 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6AG, 020 3325 4288,

Further information regarding submitting a complaint to IMPRESS can be found in their Complaints FAQ.